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RS Partition Recovery is a great tool that will help you recover partitions have been lost or damaged due to a system error or lack of maintenance. With just a click, this program will retrieve any lost or damaged information from your PC, partition, memory card, or USB device. RS Partition Recovery's simple interface will guide you through each step. There aren't any complicated configuration options you'll have to deal with.

This program includes two ways to recover information: Quick Recovery mode and Deep Scan mode. The first mode performs a basic scan of the folders that are found on the damaged partitions or where those partitions used to be saved. The second option scans your entire system for files that are either lost or damaged. This process will take longer. Although RS Partition Recovery is a comprehensive tool, neither of these scans can guarantee that all the lost or damaged files will be recovered.

Once the scan has finished, the program will give you a list of the details regarding the recoverable files. Again, if you can't find it there, it means that RS Partition Recovery wasn't able to recover it. You'll be able to look at the modification date, name, and size of the results so that you can choose which files you want to retrieve.

Additionally, RS Partition Recovery can unpartition your disk if you want. It will restore the original system files so that you can use it just like you did before.

The trial version can only recover a small number of files.

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